You can use the fizy service for different purposes, such as searching for, listening to, downloading audio tracks and viewing videos of artists. When you share information (when you login with the Turkcell Password or through Mobile signature), this service will be optimized for you so that we can show you search results that are more suitable, faster and easier for you and we can enable you to locate audio tracks and videos that you are interested in. Please find below an explanation as to how we utilize your information while you are using our service and through which methods we protect your confidentiality.


Below mentioned information can be collected and stored while the fizy service is being rendered:

Information That You Provide
In order to provide a better service to all our users, personal information such as your telephone number or invoice details, e-mail address as well as home and work address will be collected from you.
The ownership of the files that you download on your computer or mobile device while you use the service belongs to the user. The User accepts that he is responsible and the sole addressee with respect to the violation of all sorts of intellectual and industrial property rights of the work that is installed within the context of the Service, that he is liable to compensate all sorts of damages and losses that Turkcell will encounter due to aforementioned and the values that it will have to pay to right owners or 3rd parties, Professional Associations, along with expenses that will be made, and that all sorts of damages and losses that Turkcell will have to incur and/or encounter, will belong to him.
Registry Data
When you use the TURKCELL service, data from your device, software and use of the service will be automatically recorded. The scope of this data can incorporate the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address of your device, the type of browser, the website that you visited prior to coming to our webpage, information that you have searched for on the internet, local preferences, introduction numbers regarding your mobile device, system configuration data, intermediary information regarding your files and other interactions with the service.
“Cookies” can also be used in order to collect information and to develop services. Cookies are small data files that are transmitted to your device by the service. Temporary cookies will be erased when you close down the browser that you use while you are surfing through the service. “Persistent cookies” can be used to store your login ID and your login password for your future login uses of the service. “Session cookies” can be used to activate certain features of the service, to understand how you interact with the service and to track the direction of internet traffic on the service by collective use. By changing your browser settings, you can block cookies or arrange that the web pages that you visit, ask you whether or not you will accept cookies. However, if you do not accept cookies, you may not be able to use all aspects of the service.


Personal Information
While the service is being rendered, your Personal and Corporate information (“Personal Information”: for example name, surname, name of the corporation, telephone number, invoice details, e-mail address and home and work address) can be collected in order to contact you and to identify you. Your Personal Information will be protected by TURKCELL in conformity with legislation and the rules that it has set within this context. In case the Information Technologies and Communication Institution, which is the regulatory and supervisory authority in the electronic communication sector in which TURKCELL is active, request and/or or other institutions request through Laws, regulations or a court order that Personal information is shared, information that is in conformity with the law will be shared.
TURKCELL can share your Personal information if they are requested by relevant institutions and organizations and legal departments that have been authorized by relevant legislation.
Personal Information will be used or can be used by TURKCELL for the purpose of:
(i) Rendering and developing the service,
(ii) Directing the use of the service,
(iii) A better understanding of your needs and interests,
(iv) Improving your service experience and
(v) Providing or rendering software updates and product advertisement.
Geographical Location Information
Certain Devices allow implementations to access real-time location information (for example GPS). Starting from the date on which this policy enters into effect, TURKCELL will not collect this information from your mobile device at any time while you are downloading or using mobile implementations that belong to the service.
TURKCELL and/or 3rd parties that have been authorized by TURKCELL will also use daily cookies to collect certain information that might have a mutual relation with certain Personal Information such as an IP address. This information is used by TURKCELL for above mentioned purposes and to increase the technical management of the service, the functionality of the service and its user friendly feature, to follow up on the usage of the service and to verify that the service has the required permits in order to carry out the requirements of the users.
E-Mail Information
If you do not wish to receive the e-mails sent by Turkcell for the purpose of the marketing and promotion of services that it provides, you can convey your request by clicking on the link for cancellation of membership or by changing your e-mail preferences by logging into your account on You can convey your questions regarding e-mail deliveries by calling customer services or by filling in the form on


Your Own Use
The fizy user account will be displayed according to the preferences on your page or those that have been determined on your other Personal and Corporate Information accounts. The information that you choose to provide, should reflect how much you wish other people to know about you. Please be careful with respect to both the information that you disclose on your user account as well as the confidentiality that you prefer. You can always review and alter your profile information. We will not share your Personal and Corporate information with third parties without your consent. We can only disclose or share your information with your consent, for example if you use a third party implementation (see below) to access your account. You can also have the authorization to make part of your information mutual through certain features of the service. Mutual information can spread widely and quickly.
Service Providers, Business Partners and Others.
TURKCELL can use third party companies and individuals to be of assistance while providing, analyzing and developing the service (including but not limited to data storage, maintenance services, database resolutions, payment proceedings and development of service features). These third parties can have access to your information for the purpose of the assignment given to them and according to liabilities that are similar to those mentioned in this confidentiality policy.
Conformity with Laws and Law Implementation Requests; Protection of fizy Service Rights.
We can disclose information about you that has been stored in the fizy service to third parties in necessary situations in order to;
(a) Comply with mandatory legal requests that have been conveyed to us by authorized courts;
(b) In an extraordinary situation, protect any kind of person from demise or sustaining serious physical injury;
(c) protect fizy or its users from fraud or to prevent improper use.
Exploitation Cycles.
If TURKCELL is to merge with any kind of company, make a transfer or sell TURKCELL entities leading to a change in the control or usage of your Personal Information or Files or if both will be subjected to a different Confidentiality Policy, you will be informed accordingly (for example through e-mail and/or a notification that will stand out on our web page).
Guarantee of Confidentiality.
Aside from those mentioned above, TURKCELL will not share all of your information within the scope of the fizy service with third parties, will not use it for commercial purposes and will guarantee the confidentiality of your data.


Information that has been provided by registered users in their records or in their account profile can be evaluated; this information can be updated, altered or erased by changing “account settings”. If you wish to alter information that could be determined as personal, you can update or erase by making changes with respect to account settings. If deemed necessary in certain situations, copies of the information can be preserved by TURKCELL. Please apply to for questions about Your Personal Information in our service.


Your Personal information will be stored for as long as your membership is active. If you wish to annul your membership or if you do not accept that your information is used in order for the service to be rendered, your membership can be annulled. Your Personal information can be stored by us due to legal requirements, to resolve conflicts and for the implementation of agreements. Consistent with these conditions, we will endeavor to rapidly erase your information upon your request for annulment and disuse of the service.
Please take into consideration that there could be delays while information is erased from the TURKCELL providers and that information can remain in backup versions after the erasing proceeding has been completed. In addition to aforementioned, files that are found in common with other users will also not be erased from the providers. Until your information has been fully erased, TURKCELL will not share this information with third parties, aside from conditions mentioned in the 3rd article of this confidentiality policy, will not use it for commercial purposes and will guarantee its confidentiality


fizy might use third party applications to provide a better experience for its users. Users understand and agree the privacy policy of these third party applications when they are using them. Users accepts understanding and agreeing with YouTube’s privacy policy ( ) by using YouTube integration.

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